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we also have fried catfish as well. >> okay, okay, i'm getting hungry. thank you very much for being in. if you miss any of today's programming, go to and click on community. we invite you to log on and find more information on the "bay area people" page. join us on facebook to find out what's going on behind the scenes. we have run out of time. have a wonderful weekend and we're
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. hundreds of thousands without power as a storm with hurricane force winds dumps snow and pounds the eastern coast. >> and that snowstorm will mean another tough day for travelers here at sfo. how many flights have been canceled. >> and the search is resuming for the elapd officer accused of killing three people. we have new video and details about what investigators found. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> and good morning. welcome to mornings on two. it's saturday february 10th. >> little chilly out there this morning. let's check in with rosemary to see how this weekend is shaping up. >> good morning. its going to be a pretty weekend but as mike said it's a
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chilly start, freezing and near freezing and of the usual spots this morning. mostly clear sykes overhead. the sunrising in the next few minutes chances are you are already seeing it. we have the king tides continuing along the coast meaning minor coastal flooding. when we expect them to lift, we will look at the afternoon numbers coming up. >> and happening now on this 9th of february, 650,000 homes and businesses are without power in new england after a powerful storm brought hurricane force winds and dumped more than two feet of snow. blizzard conditions are creating dangerous driving conditions. hundreds were stranded offer night. new york city mayor offered help to long island officials. >> eastern long island got a lot more snow. anything if he needs equipment,
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we will happen write to dot. >> reporter: at least four deaths have been blamed on the storm. the storm also forced a nuclear power plant in massachusetts to shut down after losing power. the shut down at the plant doesn't pose a threat to public safety. the storm has crippled air travel nationwide. jfk in new york has reopened but several flights aren 't contract celled because of the weather that's stranded passengers across the criminal alex is live for us at sfo with mormon the canceled flights. >> reporter: good morning. travelers here at sfo can expect headaches later on today as they try to reach the northeast. similar to yesterday when lots of flights were canceled. they are expecting a similar story today. i want to take you inside the terminal. there are a number of flights that have been scrapped, mostly
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it's runs to boston and the new york area. duty manager i talked to early this morning said that already 25 flights have been canceled for today into and out of sfo. that's five leaving and 25 arrivals. united and american airlines are having the most issues. i talked to a couple from canada who flight was cancelled yesterday because of the blizzard back east. >> cancelled to toronto yesterday. overnighted here last night and we are -- going home. through blizzards all the way. this is my winter clothes o. >> reporter: he said he probably won't be getting back home to nova scotia until late tomorrow because this storm will make it a very long trip getting back. the stormy weather in the northeast lead to 60 flights being canceled yesterday into and out of sfo and lots of delays on top of that.
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it's shaping up to be a similar story throughout the day today. the good news is all of the new york area airports have reopened and now the airlines are working to recover. that will mean the passengers will have to be patient. live this morning, ktvu. >> we will have continuing coverage of the blizzard back east throughouto the morning. you can check for flight delays on mobile ktvu. >> and new video from at&t park. check this out. you can see hundreds of die hard fans outside san francisco's at&t park lining up at the gates for today's fan fest. now this event starts at ten this morning so we are still three hours out. admission is free and looks like they have been there for a while. giants fans say the opportunity to meet their favorite ball players is certainly worth braving the bone chilling temperatures overnight. >> it's still cold. >> yeah. >> we are frozen.
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>> i'm very excited because the last two time they won i was off working at disney so i haven't gotten to do enough the parades or the celebration. >> attractions include autograph sessions and a tour of the clubhouse. fans can also play on the field. we will be live from the park at 8:30. >> overnight news, oakland police expect a woman to survive despite being shot in the chest around 10:40 last night. officers were called to a home on pow el and fremont. neighbors had complained about a loud argument and when officers arrived they found a woman suffering a gun shot wound. she was alert when taken to the hospital and is in stable condition with nonlife threatening injuring, police arrested one man at the scene. neither the victim or the suspect's name is being released. >> the manhunt for christopher dorner resumed minutes ago.
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more than 100 are taking part in the search. investigators aren't sure if he is in the area but they will keep looking. there have been several reported sights across southern california but none have panned out. the ski resorts have reopened. investigators are looking in to his life for more evidence in yesterday they searched his mother's house which is in northern orange county. it was the second time they checked out this time. techs took away about ten paper bags full of items but they refused to say what they took. and this morning we have new pictures of dornev and video. these show him practicing at the gun range as well as learning how to subdue an armed individual. this is a surveillance photograph taken of him in irvine. it shows him at a hotel on january 28ing. it was there just three days
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later that he allegedly shot and killed a young couple. he is also accused of shooting at three riverside county police police officers killing one of them. law enforcement try to make sense of a former officer turning on his own. >> 13-year-old girl was remembered last night on . >> this place where violence happened we are reclaiming as a place of life. >> reporter: pastors led prayers at allen whit park for the girl. her body was found last friday. the community called for justice as her extended family mourned . >> like to say relief but it's not the pain is to much, to even -- we are glad there is an arrest, we are glad he is off the streets, he shouldn't have touched her to start with. >> reporter: the great aunt said she didn't know janelle
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had been put in foster care. the girl dispeared last thursday. the sheriff's department said the man arrested in the case is a 32-year-old anthony lamar jones. he is facing four felony counts, murder, rape, kidnapping with the intent to commit rape and lewd acts with a minor. the fbi and fairfield police spent the day taking evidence from a house believed to belong to jones. they have evidence tying him to the death but wouldn't give specifics. he was arrested around yesterday morning in fairfield near where a camera captured a picture of janelle on the day she was reported missing. >> jones was identified as a suspect early on in this case. since that time he has been under 24 hour surveillance. >> the fbi also collected evidence from the suspect's business, crown's barber shop. his first court appearance is set for wednesday.
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there is a possibility that the 32-year-old may have been involved in the murder of another 13-year-old girl. we asked fairfield police if he could be connected to the death in sacramento last year. the body was found in the dug out of a baseball field next to her school. police say that they have talked to sacramento investigators and cannot rule out a possible connection. a bail hearing is set for next wednesday for a man accused of planning a terrorist attack. agents arrested the 28-year-old early yesterday morning outside a bank of america in oakland. they say he tried to blow up the bank branch by triggering a bomb with a cell phone but it was an under cover fbi agent posing as a taliban agent who helped him build the explosive that didn't work. >> pass by the house and i saw a lot of police and cars, lot of things going on.
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>> reporter: you had no idea he lived aaron the corner? >> no. that was scary. >> reporter: he was arrested in 2011 court documents show the laid off window washer went by a muslim name and was treated for mental illnesses. if convicted on the charge he could be sentenced to life. >> all right. it's 7:10 and just a couple minutes ago we showed you the fans waiting outside at&t park. >> baseball season is here. >> looked cold. >> is it going to warm up for them? >> at least we have the sun. the sun is now up. we will see the temperatures start to creep. it'll still be a cool day but warmer than yesterday. a minor warm up in time for the weekend under dry sunny conditions giving you a a look there at that golden sun. good morning to you as we head out this morning it's a cold
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one. temperatures slipping back to the 30s. take a look at walnut creek. 31 for you, 32 concord, 34napa, santa rosa, in santa rosa seeing temperatures anywhere from 30 to 34 degrees. you are right with in that freezing mark as well. mid-30s nevado areas along the east bayshore line, oakland 38, 36 haywood, half moon bay 40 degrees under mostly sunny sykes, it's a beautiful looking morning but a chilly start to the morning. if you are thinking about heading out to take a walk, be prepared. the king tides for another morning and that high tide comes in next couple hours, you can expect some of the tides to be larger than what we normally get. 41 degrees in belmont. 36 foster city, low's 30s, palo alto but again the sun is up and we will start to see a nice turn around in time for the an
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afternoon. a mostly sunny, dry weekend. that northwest flow so it's a cool, dry air pulling in. fan fest today starts at ten. temperatures will be around 50 degrees and the mid50s expected for the second half of the day. 57 for oakland today. 55 san francisco, upper 50s santa rosa, san rafael, into the south bay. san jose looking at 58 for the second half, there is the extended forecast, it'll be a cold start again tomorrow morning. change in the forecast. a quiet warm up as we get into sunday. then monday, tuesday into wednesday. notice it's a dry forecast. mid60's in the forecast for the forecast. back toes desk. >> staying informed, the
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technology east coast residents are turning to make sure they have the latest weather information. >> and stealing your stuff at the airport? what an investigation found when we looked into thefts at bay area airports and who could be to blame. >> another live look. the east shore freeway. traffic starting to look up in the westbound direction of interstate 80. time now 713. you're watching mornings on 2.
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. welcome back. a nice way to start the day. a picture like view of the sun shining, mostly sunny skies, cool conditions in store for the after . victims of the powerful storm hitting the northeast are turning to apps to stay informed during the emergency. the national weather service sent out this emergency alert about the blizzard alert yesterday but some say only phone was the appropriate
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hardware and software received them. there are several other application that offered other weather alerts and information. >> you can go to weatherbug, any app store, get it online, get it in the mobile device. there is so many different places to get them. you don't have to rely on the government alerts. >> the city of new york has several weather related apps including where people can check on the status of snow plowing in their neighborhoods. >> the sonoma county sheriff said it's stopping its search for a missing man but family members say they are going to keep looking. jason kyle was last seen in a park last saturday. he is 6'6'' and in his mid-30s. he does suffer from depression. after looking for him for six days, sheriff's deputies suspended their search yesterday. a hiker saw him in the park last saturday. he was reportedly naked and chanting. >> we resume our coverage of the search for christopher
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dorner. what happened will have a lasting effect on the police nationwide. his girlfriend calls him emotionly disturbed. police say they have a hard time understanding why a former officer would turn on other cops. >> this is something unfortunately that's unique. law is probably going to have to possibly take a step back and look at itself to find out why it happened. >> in his manifesto dorner accused the police of kicking him out because he wanted to change the culture of the force. there. are new details about a home invasion where a businessman was killed. court documents so you he suffocated after the suspects used tape to cover his mouth. three of the suspects are part of an oakland street gang known for targeting asians. it's believed the suspect was set up by a prostitute.
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>> alcohol may have been a factor in the death of a young woman who fell to her death from a high-rise. police were called to the city heights complex on west saint james street just before three yesterday morning. police say the 24-year-old of san jose fell from the 11th floor balcony. they say there were no signs of foul play but she may have been drunk. she didn't live in that building. >> the department of transportation has ordered a southern california company to close following a deadly tour bus accident. the order comes after eight people were killed sunday when the brakes failed on the tour bus. officials say that the company that operated the bus has a history of safety violations. the passengers on the bus were tourists returning a trip to big bear. >> boeing is warning airlines it may not be able to deliver new orders of the 787 dream liner. they have not stopped production of the plane but said delays are possible.
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all of them have been grounded since mid-january as investigators try to determine why the battery has been catching fire. ana flights between san jose and tokyo are canceled while the investigation continues. a probe shows tsa agents may be stealing your belongings. an investigation found at least 130sfo and oakland interstate passengers filed claim was the tsa saying valuables were damaged or lost in recent months. a database we obtained shows one passenger reported losing $13,000 in watches at oakland international, another said $8,300 in clothes disappeared at san francisco international and the list just goes on. >> we have run into other real problems at checkpoints where people are lifting things like i-pads and computers from bags. >> passengers reported a of $3
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sfo and oakland international. the tsa has only reimbursed about $4,000. >> in this morning's weekly address the president is urging congress to act fast to avert a so-called sequester. >> if congress doesn't act by march 1st a series of harmful automatic cuts to job creating investment and defense spending are scheduled to take effect. >> the president wants lawmakers to find a balanced approach to deficit reduck. he said he wants sensible changes and reforms to the tax code. the sequester could cost jobs in education and security. funding forehead start, medical research and small businesses would be cut. >> we are learning more about the president's state of the union address set for next tuesday night. themes include job creation, immigration reform, trimming the 16 trillon dollar debt and gun violence. survivors of the connecticut
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shooting will attend. nancy pelosi has, invited a student from another school. the first lady will attend the funeral of a chicago honor student today. police say that the 15-year-old was shot last month in a park about a mile away from the obama's chicago home. investigators say she was not the intended target. just a week before she preformed with her band at the inauguration. an event that she called a highlight of her life. no arrests have been made. >> a chance to own a piece of the nosema the niners in santa clara how you can make a lasting impression and help pay for the stadium at the same time. >> a warm up expected for the
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weekend. at this hour it's a frigid start in some spots action i spots. i whether have a look coming up. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show
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and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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. check out these pictures. this is a live look at some of the miserable conditions in boston. that is fenway park and that doesn't look like anyone will want to sit there watching baseball on that. home of the red sox. the storm dumped two feet of snow in that area and there are right now 650,000 people without power. >> san francisco 49er fans are being given the chance to leave their mark on the new stadium in santa clara. the team is selling bricks and there is a live picture of the stadium. you can see it there. coming up slowly or quickly i should statement those bricks will be installed throughout the stadium currently under construction. fans can write messages or put their names on the bricks.
7:27 am
they will cost between 175 and $375. they are expected to go on sale march first. it doesn't make up for losing the super bowl but jim harbaugh has a shot at winning in another sport. he and his golf partner are leading the at&t pebble beach tournament. they have a one shot lead. the coach said he has yet to recover from the loss last sunday but he is enjoying golfing and going ahead. ted potter junior are leading the leader board. >> i was saying how i talked to him on thursday, just like minutes before he teed off. he goes i haven't picked up a club in a year. i don't know how i will do. looks like he is doing well. >> still sad. >> he is sad. we are all sad. >> we are. baseball season is coming though. >> and really excited about what the future could bring and what the weather could bring. on thursday was beautiful down there. it's -- we can't complain we
7:28 am
look at the east coast. >> it's inches reported in some areas of maine, 39 inches in connecticut. wow it's rough for those people and they have no power. here at home we are waking up with mostly clear skies, it's a chilly start but perhaps that's the biggest problem. i'm tracking some waves here, from 11 to 12 to 14 feet off the coastline. the king tides continue through this morning. please be careful if you plan to walk the dog. the high tides are coming in this morning and that could mean several feet larger than normal tides pounding the beaches. we have temperatures in the low 30s for some of the inland areas, north bay as well as inland east bay, pockets of the peninsula, widespread low to mid40s. mostly sunny by noon. mid to upper 50s and then warmer for the afternoon. it'll be a chilly start for tomorrow but notice the trend. just a small warm up into the
7:29 am
workweek. looking forward to vail tynes day, mid60's in the forecast on thursday. dry conditions and as the afternoon highs start to climb the overnight lows will moderate as well. freezing tomorrow morning but then warming to the mid-30s, monday, tuesday, wednesday. enjoy. back to you. >> as you said, crippling conditions on the east coast after a powerful winter storm dumps two feet of snow. we will have a live report from boston. >> and it's a game that's becoming popular among teens, why one east bay school is warning students and parents about it.
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. hundreds of thousands of people are without power in new england as a powerful blizzard dumped more than two feet of snow. welcome back. >> the national weather service said close to three feet of snow is expected in boston. that could threaten the record set in 2003 when 27.6 inches fell in one storm. we are live in the city of boston with how it's looking right now. >> reporter: the snow is still cupping down. take a look. snow up to the park bench. this area has been plowed and it's a stark contrast.
7:33 am
if you walk to where the grass should be we are being told more than 21 inches of snow has fallen. it's really created a mess for people in the boston area. emergency workers tell us that some 30 cars were stranded even though there is a mandatory order in place that people stay off the roads at least until 4:00 today. a deserted highway in downtown hartford saturday morning. all roads statewide are closed to allow crews to get to work clearing massive amounts of snow. judging from this picture some may have trouble just getting out the door, let alone the driveway. two powerful weather systems converged over the northeast producing a monster storm. whipping winds, blinding snow and freezing temperatures moved in friday as promised driving conditions went down fast and accidents stacked up. >> crash -- going to fast. have you to be patient and take your time.
7:34 am
>> reporter: a snow continues to pile up in to the double digits officials pleased the cooperation they are getting. >> nearly all main streets have been plowed and all city streets we think will be plowed by the end of the day. . >> reporter: they need that to continue as they try to restore power before temperatures fall. >> with we have today to really try to get as much power on as possible. we have to do our best, especially with people staying off the roads. >> reporter: there is always a few who can't resist a fresh snow. residents say they dodged another disaster. >> snow is good. i was relieved no water came in. >> reporter: its headed out to sea now but conditions will improve throughout the day. you look behind me it's less than a quarter mile visibility. sort of a dangerous situation because there is a lot of people without power.
7:35 am
we are talking about probably 659,000 people in the northeast area without power. here in the massachusetts area about 400,000 people and emergency workers say they aren't going to get that power restored until this storm is over because it's just to dangerous. >> all right. live for us this morning in a very white boston. appreciate that live report. governors of several states including massachusetts have asked people to stay home and
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. ÷úhomes and businesses willm be ÷úçdecorated in red çand g çsan francisco's chinese 2
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mis scheduled f you can watch ymit right iñher coverage starts at six on ç february 23rd. >> ÷ú always a good pparty and  always there. waving zvççto everybody. >> çright? >> u!yeah. no pressure. we are always hoping çfor at least a g#dry day but gosh, çi don't know. &]!we can %e3ñit. ill take rain little bit of rain [thursday friday but çnow blue sykes, dr in ymtime for weekend. skies. we have some çnice weather in store if you çlike zvit sunny. its goii7ato be a beautiful ç winter çday. slightly warmer u!than yesterda still a bit of a zvchill, especially çthis morning, outside right now ÷úin the 30s ú some locations. ym ç areas. this is a 12 hour ymloop. at the beginning of the loop jrsee how the storm çis a
7:41 am
little more widespread but ç starts to çtaper off. want to fix zvin on what's goin on çright at pthis moment. here s long island down here. beginning pto see zva ÷úçhtçb areas÷úzv, new york, çthat's g because all çthose people without power, hopefully ÷úthey fast as çpossible to help restore xdsome of that. iñthat's -- çchilly conditions out, all zvwe can complain about. there is"çthat system that brought ymus a little bit zvof ú rain. 35 one hundredths in ÷úsan francisco. oaklana%up two tenths b5('ñ for most of us ymit ymwas a ten or çless and that's the only ç ome time. air bringing us ÷ú chillier weather with mostly ç )!m9=qñreporting but it's 30 bo so.
7:42 am
i (jjtjaround zvthe bay. mid-30s to upper ÷ú30s and low ç mid40s in and around çsan ç francisco. mostly sunny çfor today. once we get past ÷úthat chilly warm up ovej ]yesterday. an francisco, 57 ymin oakland. upper 50s for the u!inland eastç bay, concord, antioch in toúçth north bay 59 for ymyou santa roç a. these çtemperatures are seasonal çfor çfebruary. 59 morgan hill. the extended forecast. it'll be ça chilly start for ç tomorrow as well. we get çin to the afternoon a ç slight bump in çthe numbers an it's a çtrend we will see @
7:43 am
the chp closed mountainpass north of los angeles0çyesterday afternoon because of ymthat ÷úh snow. traffic çwas also aurt by thi 25 ymcar pile up in the çtown$ lebec. it's ç÷úa major artery çarea travel. >> want çto check in on traff here zvin the ymbay area. giving us a live plook at the golden çgate bridge. i'm looking çat phtthe chp çi page. its çbeen quiet. drivers q%should expect delays the richmond, san prafael bridg as crews çwork to çinstall a y automated toll zvtaking system. the far left çlane of the westbound approach ÷úto the bridge çwill be closed, while work ymis done on ççthe ÷útol system. it's set to continue ymthrough ç monday morning. additional closures are scheduled çfor later this çmo >> organizers say çthat the ym upcoming first friday ymevent i changing. what is çbeing done after pa gç battle last ÷úmonth.
7:44 am
>> ym and ÷>=]játátvju)h east storm çis making ÷úharder victims ÷úof sandy and what the p%(áhu)s& happen next. zvç
7:45 am
7:46 am
espec1ehard. now in addition to the çtwo fe of anow the storm çcould also create another storm çsurge an that would create çfurther problems fo@ homeowners still trying to clean up ymthe floodi damage ÷úcaused by çsandy.
7:47 am
>> çççç conditions, water  he house and çcausing already have. ems, than we i rñ waves of p12 feet and ñare possible along çthe jersey çshore. evacuation orders are in effect! for areas çstill recovering ç sandy. ut there are no immedictñp ÷úçreports damage. ç no tsunami zvwarning. strong after shocks çare hurti the çrelief effort in q%the ç solomon islands. my damage caused kt+huátáqpvráh quake pand tsunami. 1ñpreventing aid d8workers reachitg#villages devastated ÷ú the çquake. >> has ÷ú-- in fear nbthat stiç
7:48 am
thinking çof the tragic ymwave tsunami come. >> ç then the çquake, thousan have çbeen left çhomeless. >> çymmonterey's çpenetti hiú up the htçzv÷údefense departmeç those people u!who were gatheró# around the white house çand ç elling usa, ht !
7:49 am
("ti @&c they also çmake figures of gobioid spun,ñsarah palin. the secret ÷úservice çhas join the investigation in(o hacking acker accessed zve-mail çthat p contained addresses, phone mail of çthe zvbush zvfamily. some areself portraits painted ç of the former president ymbut e- mails also contain çinformatio about the health ÷úof ymthe for president. ç ym . >> ymand following a deadly shooting@5last week. ÷ú zv
7:50 am
. organizers have a new secuty game plan that ç includes more coordination witho police and mo) officers among the large çcrowds. >> qyou know there may be ymmor people awareness i think ymis igher. i think that's good. they say ymany çtrouble makersç ççç >> ç current regulations slip
7:51 am
7:52 am
. that sandhill property ÷ú company was supposed t? úrestorç two historic buildings q%at p edgewood plaza çbut it tore on of çthem down. on monday they may force the ÷ú company to come up with ça pla to addres; ,he loss and ympay f the damage. the zvowner of çthe çdrake's ç oyster company hopes agog will the business was çtold to shuto s çfarm operates in the çnati sea çshore. the çlease expire last htyear ç the request çfor an extension
7:53 am
was rejected. > a new hearing couç plans to buy ]ithe kings. shore ÷úmen are suing the group saying çtheir deal with ymthe area leaders ç violates washington state u! q1ñlaw. the arena is myset to be built ç near port. long çshore men worry they couç loose thousands myof jobs. a hearing is u!set for february 22nd& 3 >> final preparations underwayç for çthe grammies. ceremony honoring the biggest çnames in music çwillv broadcast tomorrow night, ççf# ocean, mumford and son, çjz an 1ñkelley clarkson had ç four nods, taylor swift had ÷ú three. >> çwe will ÷úcelebrate from minute we hit çthe stage and ç will are lots zvof great ht i ruju @sts are expected ymto preform live. they çhave @ewarned not ççtoç
7:54 am
dress provocativels. pregrammy çpart ççany çwhit houston was ymgoing to ÷úthe ÷úú she u!died. . the coroner zvdetermined çth accidental drowning was ç connected to çheart disease an cocaine use. >> ç the ban çon zvplastic ba be good htfor v:people's phealt why it said san çfrancisco shoppers going to ÷úthe emergen room. . ÷úand a woman shopped by çpw -- and ça woman shocked ymby w was insigg@her car. >> wehave fair pskies, ÷úfrigi temperatures. i will have a çlook at what's going on çoutside right now. what you can çexpect for the afternoon. u!ht
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
big ser$i%mñin ÷úçç÷úher suv. an animal stuck zvinside the grill of her çcar. she was driving on zvthe florid turnpike and hit çwhat she thought was a çbird but a day p later she ÷úfound it was still ç alive. >> there çwas a family that pulled in tront of çmy parkin i ápr" don't move, you have something çin the grill of you truck çand i said yes and çi m what it? they said it's an ÷úowl. >> ÷úwow. rescue crews were çable to get that çpowl çççout safely. ç >> ÷úlooking ÷úat us. time d8now 7:55. your bag gát+hbe making çyou sick. a study by the ÷úuniversity of pennsylvania çand george mason university çfound sanúç francisco's plastic bag ban ledm to a spike pin e-coli ÷úinfecti
7:58 am
and a my46% increase in çdeath from u!food borne illnesses rig after çthat ççban started. táhtend to get çmore food ÷úcontamination because people don't t÷úçwash them. ? a steac house has reopened ç after a ymnoravirus virus. it ÷úwas opened after it was ç cleaned and authorities took zv food safety class. at u!least çtwo customers repo getting sing. >> çpart of the reason we are restaurant social security for them to take çthe time to d8clean the ymenvironme >> the ÷úvirus north park deli6vto close. that zvhappened last month. highley ÷úcontagious and u!ymca severe vomiting. >> how ymabout a little v:beer today is the second day zvof th sf ábeer week. it ÷úkicked off last night çin francisco.h beer walk, ymbeer lovers inviteç
7:59 am
to çgo to japan town ÷úto tast beers south çbay brewing companies, çalmost 80 are ÷úta part in beer çweek which lasts through htfebruary 17th. mñfun. >> yeah. >> ymgrab a light jacket çmay ay walking around. >> htyeah. sounds good. let's do it. let's go. >> pit's a fairly çpleasant d keeping in mind mhwinter, you see the sun zvout there. you think çyou can run out withou4your jacket. it's a ymchilly one. 0's ñin some case, even below ÷ú freezing, if you are going ymto the sierra the sky is çlooking good as well bas the çroadwaysú no chains required but bring them, htyou never çknow. partly cloudy to mostly çsunny in store, it's pa chilly ÷úone. we are talking single édigit temperatures in çthe overnight hours u!and then ju)!auq tfmq!ñafternoon under mostly çsunny skies, it' be a
8:00 am
bit of patchy frost to çthe ç inland areas, sitting right abçfreezing, even çbelow, v: around the bay ç-- çp#ternoon highs, tóo!to five degrees, ç some of çus wil$. sunny skies, in store for zv today, tomorrow morning just asç cold as we get6vinto çthe workwe". we are still dry, i çguess enj it while we çhave it. mostly çsunny skies, low to ç mid60's for the afternoon. in new q how hundreds of ymthousands are coping without power and çhow that storm is a çeffecting air travel inht"e bay area. >> ymand where giants u!fans c meet çtheir favorite players m ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
8:01 am
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. hundreds of çthousands are without power çthis morning after a çpowerful storm with hurricane çforce winds dumped ú snow and pounded the earn dúcoa earch is accused of lpkilling three people. we çhave new video and details about çwhat the çinvestigator f his mother's house. >> and the pbig event today s that had v:dedicated giant fansm lining up outside çat&t i- overnight. >ñi# complete bay çarea news ç i u$is is kgfw mornings on 2.
8:03 am
>> u!good morning. welcome to ymmornings on ç2. i saturday ymfebruary 9th. >> my let's head over ymto rose ur saturday ÷ú 'g up and -- still chilly out ÷úthere. >> you are right. if çyou are thinking of going ú the farmer's market bring çyouv jacket. mostly clear, temperatures freezing çnear freezing, we ÷ú an htenjoyable winter weekend iç store but again çits çwinter. make sure you çkeep the jacket# handy. the king tides continue htthrou the day and this morning çwe a seeing çhigh tide in the localç area. i will look at that for you as ú well, coming u!up,. businesses are &ju!q%without power. of snow has çei td where all roads are closed uñdu to the stormhd n roads are mostly ymclear. that was not ymthe case overnig when ÷úhundreds of driver were stranded zvon the çlong island
8:04 am
expressway. &c at a press conference the çnew york çcity mayor said ÷úa spec effort was being çmade to reach out ÷úto victims of çsandy. >> nypd u!has been checking ç families impacted ymby sandy whú still çdon't have heat, there ye no requests to relocate ç but if you are çcold and çyou start ÷úshivering pick up the phone and zvcall police. dúthe storm. rom noa shows just hkbi u$is blizzard is. the image çwas taken early thiç morning as the çstorm çbore d on çnew england. it's starting ymto taper off buç roadway conditions are still s dangerous. the storm ;also forced pa nucle power plant ÷úin massachusetts ç shut down ymafter zvlosing çpo the shut ymdown doesn't pose a threat çto public mysafety. backed up ÷úgenerators are ÷ú lnt. >> thousands of flights çhave been ymcanceled nationwides
8:05 am
because of the htstorm leaving ç earlier ÷úthis morning çalong ç newark çinternational. several flights remain ÷úcancelú at sfo flights -- at least zv25 of them have been çcanceled ç morning, uni6esáráied has been the most çaffected. >> çs5ádto ptoronto. then we were -- day zvand a halú going home. through blizzards çall the çw >> passengers çheaded to htth east coast should also çcheck the status of çtheir flight. we çwill have continuing covdjage of the blizzard back ç east throughout çthe morning. you can check for fli(rá g#delaú on ç >> çwe are experiencing ÷?+io bone çchilling temperatures, this is new ymvideo taken earlya this morning outside çat&t par if g#you look closely, v:little snow áárqáhactually çfalling there. hundreds of die hard san ç francisco giant fans çare currently ÷úlining up for fan p
8:06 am
fest. here and braved ymthe freezing v: temperatures. i vqár @&c% no, i'm looking çforward to hopefully meet ççing some çoç players. @&c autograph sessions and a tour p of the ymclubhouse fans can seav world çsesyes trophy. alex savage will talk live g#to ups as well as fans ymright theç at at&t park coming up çin the! next half hour. >> %q in overnight news htoakl police suspect ça woman to survive despite beg.ñshot in ÷ú the chest. around ç10:40 officers were called ymto the home on pow çeç and ÷úfremont streets. neighbors kohave complained abo oud argument and çwhen officers arrived çthey found a she was alert when she çwas taken ÷úzvto v:the hospital. police did arrest one man!çat
8:07 am
the scene. nerher the victim nor çthe suspect's name hthave been released. was remembered last night çin the park where she çwas found ú dead. the same ymday police çarrestem her alleged jyller. >> this pl@se where violence happened zvwe are reclaiming asú place of çlife. >> htpastors çled prayers ça allen whit ;tp)k. as zvfound last nig community -- last friday i ç should say. the community ÷úcalled nos y er @&c% >> would like to s@i relief but it's pnot. the pain ÷úis to much, to even ç we are glad there is an arrest ujd he is kooff the ÷ústreets, ç shouldn't [have çç t'b(rq" begin with. >> ç the gipl@disappeared las thursday between çschool and(ç foster home. more un#the suspect in custody çfor zvher murder. h=1ñ
8:08 am
anthony lamar joneen he is facing çfour felony counts, çmurder, rape, kidnappin('with the intent zvto spent the day çtaking evidence from a çhouse beliqed to belon say they have ymevidence but won't give out zvthe specifics. esterday moáar' fairfield. aught this picture of ÷úthe girl on tç day pshe çdisappeared. >> joneshmwas identified as a s suspect early on çin this case since )pá time he ha& under ç24 hour zvsurveillance. >> the fbi ÷úalso collected he suspect's ym business, cág/9mbarber shop ÷úi i rráhfirst court appearance is set zvfor wednesday. thñis a possibility that jones çmay have been involved a the murder u!of another 13-year- old çgirl, we asked fairfield % police if he çcould be connectç to a girl's death çin sacramen
8:09 am
county last(ydar. her body was found in the dug ÷ú out of a baseball field çnext fairfield police say they çhav talked çto sacramento investigato$]ñand cannot rule out u!a possible connection. >> ç two dangerous stretches  road in san çfrancisco may become çdouble fine zones ym÷ú good. state çsenator has introduced legislatimn@q=make ÷údouble finç zones permanent pon parts of ÷ú 19th avenue. hey are temporary but they are çset ÷úto expire year. 15 pedestrians died on ymthose o busy roads çbetween 2003 ç÷úao >> it's a good-looking start ç to the day. take a look at ÷úthis shot for "xáhe goldn 't gate. %q;uhave blue ÷úskies overhead, northwest myflow setting up in time for çthe weekend [so th a dry, ÷úcool, air mass that wi we have ça ridge of high ç way. that will çbring us a modest wa+ming trend for the want ças well. n between the ymtwo
8:10 am
systems, the çone that brought us rain çwednesday night, thursday, zvlasting into friday and then çthe ridge that ÷úwil dominating çthe pattern into t neútou!several days. mostly sunny, fr2northwest flow will cunwinue. this morning a little gusty ÷úa thegg÷hills, winds picking up a bit ÷úat times and that's helpiç keep the temperatures ÷úup just cold the temperatures ÷úup just air n"$at normally settles during the
8:11 am
10:00 hour. those cool ÷úconditions will showed you çthe video. for the afternoon ç56 in ç berkeley. 55 san orancisco, upper ç50s nevado, from ymtwo to four, fiv degrees ÷úwarmer than yest#er @% a slight bump in çthe afternoo i] 58 bfor san jose,@othe extended pforecast, could use rain but we ÷úaren't going to see it here ÷úin the extended çforecast with the ym weekend in view. monday, tuesday, wednesday, nmtthe afternoon highs &qqñto warm. the u!overnight lows not as v:c low to mid-30s çin the forecasç through tuesday, wednesday and if koyou have outdoor plans ÷úf valentine's day it looks to ç remain dry. i will ymhave a look u!at lunch numbers coming çup. >> the ÷úmanhunt continues for the çformer police officer a accused of killing three ç people. we will çhave a live report. oc plus a çterror plot targeting d8an çoakland bank.
8:12 am
how federal agents zvcaught the suspect. >> ÷úand a chance to ÷úown a little piece of the neuhome of the ÷úniners in santa claire a. how çyou can make ça lasting impression and çhelp pay for t outside. there is a çlook at highway 24 rolling çthrough the east çbaç ñon bart is exp-$.q'cing a ten minute delay koat the pleasattl station because q%÷únbçof rou mai-é99÷ú you can't move the tv there.
8:13 am
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8:15 am
. all right. we zvhave been talking about u! big blizzard on the çeast coas here say çlive look at what isç looks like in hartford ç connecticut right çnow. i think that looks zvlike a ppark lot. they are asking beople up there to stay çoff the roads, all thm roads in connecticut are clo[ee i u$at storm dumped more than t1 feet of snow over t('ñnew england area and pright now ÷úmç than 650,000 people are still ç without power. >> the çweather in southern law ñenforcement officials zv tracking çchris dorner. its stopped snowing çin çbig in, we are liv çfrom the big ÷ú bear sheriff's station anap what's happening çright myçno
8:16 am
>> reporter: the çmanhunt has ! resumed for what is the third seen. they started zvabout 7:00. they have"añanother 24 kp &c deputies to the search ÷úeffort some of those wilé çsupport the swat çteam that çhave headed ú the mountain to çsaturday 200 cabins çin the area they want focus on. they nbare also patrolling the  neighborhood here ÷úin big bearp lake because for a second nightú in a çrow residents have çhad barricade themselves çin their homes çfearful of this ymsuspe killer believed to be çloose around the çarea. as a result of that you çknow people are çnow concerned, locç are losing business, a çlot ofç tourists are canceling ÷úand th area beginning to ymfeel it. however çthe focus very çmuch the çauthorities not giving anç official ÷úor çscheduled confirmation, scheduled update ú on what we can çexpect today. they will wait until ÷úthey hth
8:17 am
news. the best thing that's çhappeni is the break in ÷úthe weather. yesterday ee saw terrible snow almost ça foot that fell ç overnight, now we have ÷úclear skies, what that will pdo by helping the ground çeffort is make"çitself çeasier to try ÷úç track dorner but also really wilhúhelp t >> çreal quick. want to çask, you talked ] the neighborhood, the çarea under ç lockdown. schools wer% .losed you can describe the scáhod of mood 1%yin big ç bear? >> s of -- çthe roads pretty busy zv right now. people seem to be ÷úgoing act ç their business. the çmayor was describing lo it. just the sheer u!scale and he media ÷úattention, +x#rightened people at first ann ownly him being armed çand ver capable of çtargeting anybody which is qbetty much what çhe
8:18 am
people trying çto get on with their çlife. obviously a degree of ÷úcaution concerned about public çsafety which is why ÷ú see the çextra ç24 çdeputy. >> çsure. ig bear lake. thank you çfor çthat myupdate next pwednesday for a zvman accused of planning ÷úa terroriç attack. agents v:arrested çthe 28-year- old. ank of america0çin oakland. they say he tpiñto blow the ko building by triggering a bomb i taliban zvagent had helped hi build a ÷úbomb that didn't ÷úwo >> passed by the house and ÷úi saw a lot of v:police and cars,% lot of things ç÷úgoing on. i suspect something iázgoing ç on. >> reporter: you had no ÷úidea
8:19 am
lived around çthe corner? >> çno. that was çscary. >> reporter: zvhe was arrested - 47 with zva myhigh powered xd ammunition clip. court çdocuments showed he wenç by a muslim name çand was treated ymfor htmental disorder he faces çlife if convicted on the pcharge of attempting to ]s ass destruction. >> d8 police say alcohol may hac been a factor in the death çof young woman who fe÷lifrom a my high-rise. police were called to u!the cit heights complex on çwest saint james street before ç3:00 yesterday v:morning. police çsay the 24-year-old of san joogfell from ÷úthe 11th r floor balcony. police say that there çwere no signs of foul çplay but that  may çhave been ÷úintoxicated. she didn't live at ñthat building. vthis morning's weekly address the çpresident is urgim congress to act çfast to avert so-called sequester. >> zvif congress doesn't act 
8:20 am
march first, a pseries of nb harmful, automatic cuts ñ!to joç sequester will ymtake effect. >> reporter: zvhe wants lawmake to ÷úfind a balanced approach ç deficit reduction. he ÷úprefers çsensible ÷úchang: titlement programs. the program could cos( jobs in ecurity, education, ç funding forehead ÷ústart, medic research çand small çbusiness we are learning more çabou the ?d)esident's state of the tuesday ymnight. central themes includu v immigration çreform, çtrimmin attend. nancy ççpelosi hassin vited ÷ student from another çschool w wrote ÷úto her asking congress pass çnew gun control law to ç stop çother families suffering
8:21 am
like çin connecticut. the first htlady will atten the funeral u!of a myçchicago student. the 15-year-old was g]noed down last month in a ympark just abo a mile away çfrom the obama's ç chicago home. investigators say ÷úshe was nott the ÷úintended target. a week ÷úearlier she preformed with her band çat çthe president's inaugum1u)jj @&c she called it the u!highlight oú her life. no arrests have!been made so death. onnection with the n california hundreds u!of çgun advocates amendment rights. çtheir second >> we are sick ÷úand tired çoç thea u!ssembly saying çwhat we and cannot htdo. >> repog!+ii"át+hgathered on the steps, çmany were parents who ÷úsay they were exit ÷ú committed to d8sharing the righ to bear ÷úarms. >> çthe law abiding citizens will htabide by ymthe laws, theç criminals won't and they are the one çv:was the guns, why  we being ÷úzvpunished in.
8:22 am
legislature is considering toughest laws in the zvcountry, it çincludes background ÷úchec for çbuying ammunition ÷úclips >> tsa ageftr may be stealing : your çpersonal items. a ktvu"çchannel news investigation ÷úfound at çleas 130sfo and çoakland international passengers filed ç claim was çtsa saying çvaluab were damaged or plost in çreceo months. a database ÷úwe got showed one ! passenger reported ymlosing ç $13,000 in watches at çoaklandç security çcheckpoints. another said ç$8,300 disappear and mythe list çgoes on. >> we çhave run into other reç problems çat checkpoints where people ir) lifting things like ç i-pads and çcomputers from çb imreported ça total o ç$300,000 in property ploss o damaggat sfo and ymzvoakland
8:23 am
international. the tsa has çonly paid back zv ã >> ÷ú niner çfans are kogett chance to leave pa mark. they are selling çbricks and they will be $r' throughout ÷ú the stadium that's çbeing buil fans can çwrite messages or pu their names çon them. they çwill cost htbetween 175 $375. :go on sale on march ÷úfirst. >> made ymheadlines for what s 3úu(r" to a flora judge. >> did çyou say [bleep] u! me? >> actually çi did. yes. will show you çhow her most sayecent court çappearance wen >> ÷únice weather in the forecast çfor your weekend at this hour çwe have frigid in some areas. i çwill take a look at çwhat can expect for zvyour neighborhood coming up. ç÷ñ ñw?
8:24 am
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yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. qm"x @&c . a teen who gaknñnational attention ÷úfor cursing at zva judge is nkapologizing çfor her behavior. >> ç my behavior ççwas very irhawional and i apologize çno only to the court zvand you butú to my çfamily. >> zv v:the ç18-year-old was apologizing zvfor flipping off the çjudge during pmonday's bo hearing. the!çjudge found her in çconte and sentenced her çto ç30 dayú
8:27 am
jail. >> did you çsee you [bleep] me? >> çactually i did. >> did you say zvthat? >> you did ÷úsay u!that? i find you u!in contempt. 30 days in ymthe county jail. >> ç the judge siting çthat s was a zvfirst time offender hñh admitted çher drug addiction ç eventually threw out çthe htjaç sentence. >> htzvall right. we want to head çover to rosemary who çis watching the s and we u!saw some at&njfans out there waiting ÷úfor çthe opening. los cold. >> ÷ñit's a chilly çone but no we have a little bit ÷úof wind and right there atpark çlow 40s. low 30s for ÷úsome of the zvinl areas, i'm talking wamíut creek and parts of çthe north bay an this morning ÷úand the king u!t continue for çone more day. an be of tdlarger zvthan
8:28 am
normal. jus( be prepared and zvtake eas be careful if you ÷úare going t ñfor a run, ÷úwalk the dog, itg'oa chilly start. 30 toe çym30s to zvlow 40s. mostly zvsunny, low to mid50s iú "q!the g#low ç50s çto ÷ú60's. v no rain in eight. we could çuse it. valentine's day"q)áhdry and ÷ú mild. >> there is a warning ymfor hch goers today about s unusually high tides. it's çthe last day of nhf even which could çbring ti des up tú ten feet. area there çwas minor floodingç in %a/in and along in san ç francisco. keep that zvin mind. those tides are expected to çb the highest ÷ú÷útoday near coyo
8:29 am
leads ÷úzv÷úto çfrustrations. >> frustrating but çnothing w can do. >> what you need zvto know if you have a ÷úflight scheduled z the çeast coast today. >> 3judup giants çfans, hundreds on@]$em. lined up here this mymorning outside ÷úthe park. they are çwaiting to get insid4 fan fest. that starés!in a ymcouple hours we çwill talk to some of them ç ç
8:30 am
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. ú citizens are listening ÷úçto t
8:32 am
warnings. >> çpeople are staying çinsim as a massive storm çcontinues ç dump iñsnow. welcome. it's saturday february ÷ú9th. >> ÷úthat storm is çbringing % the deadly storm has çleft moro than 600,000 çcustomers çwith power. tori is live in boston with more ÷úon what things were like he peak çof çthe ÷úst hey. the snow is çstill coming u!do the latest figures çwe have fro logan airport show that ymmore than 21 inc$ have fallen. that number will v:go up throughout u!the day though it' a beautiful ymsight to see it's% also created a mess çfor peopl han 650,000 people ÷úacross the northeast aç without power. about 400,000 of them ÷úlive inç massachusetts. emergency workers say that power ÷úwon't be restored htu't after the çstorm finishes ymco through because it's to dangerous ÷úfor the çworkers.
8:33 am
>> çym a deserted çhighway in hartford ymconnecticut saturdayç morning. all roads statewide ñare closed to led vcrews get to work zv clearing massive amounts koof snow. judging the çpicture some peop may ÷úhave trouble getting out ç the door. let çalone çthe driveway. two powerful ymweather systems converged over çthe northeast ÷ú producing a monster ÷úof ça st whipping wintséblinding snow and çfreezing temperatures looped in çfriday as ÷úpromise driving 1:9 q%=9mñfell apart qá5-1eñand accidents u!stacked up. >> ç character çça lot. little more. >> çç . >> -/hnearly all primary çstrú have been plowed and çall city streets we think will ÷úbe plow by the end of the çday. >> they need tha#hcooperation to continue as çthey try to off before temperatures t-ú>> we have today really ymt
8:34 am
really hustle and try2to get as much power ymon as possible. we have kro do our best especially with d8people stayin i rñreporter: there is always ÷ wonderful land. an u!area still htrecovering frç ay they [ @&c dodged zvçymanother disaster. s all headed out to ÷úsea now : and conditions will ÷úimprove throughout ÷úymthe ÷úday. and conditions will zvimpro though they are çworried aboutç coastal çflooding. there had been zvsome mandatory "jq+acuations, another concern though of course çis the fact that people may be pdriving on the streets so çthey have issu this ymorder saying people have to stay off çthe streets untilç at çleast 4:00 earn, sometime despite that çemergency vr'g some 30 cars rgency or zvso ymççwere stranded. >> temperatures n)ewarm up we will ymwatch that floodinç
8:35 am
out there, tori live kofor us. thank you çfor that report. >> ÷ú thousands of flights haveç been cancelled nationwides because zvof the storm de@ving ç passengers stranded. york reopened ÷ú earlier this morning, çalong canceled. we were ÷úat sfo when at çleas flights ÷úhad been çcanceled, united and çamerican airlines are seeing çthe biggest problems. >> @oi'm hoping that there is  more snow for now and çthat thú flights can go through so ç everything is get u!back on track. >> passengers headed çto the east coast from san çjose and oakland ymare also being told tç check the status of t8eiñ flights before going to htthe airport. >> ÷ú new, çinterstate 5 çhas reopened after being shut çdowç for hours. chp closed the wzáu(r' pass north of çlos angeles yesterda he area. traffic was zvalso hurt by thisp
8:36 am
lebec. the grapevine çsay major arneq for travel. u are ÷úplanning ongoing seeing, the ÷ústorm in zvnorthem california brought fresh p]wder. here is a look over the v:past # hours, sierra htat tahoe u!got inches, çbear valley another nd north star had uu more inches. after a bit of ÷úrain here in  bay area this week çchanges ar on ÷úthe way, coming ]p- rosema will have a éfull look at çy weekend forecast.( black and orange line the ç street in front ymof the park a! the world ÷úchampion giant zvfa get excited for the ççfan fes that's where we zvfind çalex savage çthis morning and we heard some çof the fans brav the cold weather çovernight jus for zva chance to get zva prime spot for ÷úfan fest. looks like çthey are ymhuge. >> reporter: yeah.
8:37 am
they would wait as long ÷úas needed to ymget inside. they would ÷úcome from anywhere they ÷úsaid, anywhere across ç country. here you zvgo. they are çfired up. excited to ÷úbe here. one woman just told mu,dshe said she ÷údescribes this as ko giant's heaven. that's what çthis zvis. giants heaven. why do you çsay that? >> si'm ça çfaithtul. that's why. everybody falls, orange and ÷ú black. >> reporter: who are you here y to see? my boyfriq >> reporter: do you ymlike the new hair do? >> i çlove çit. >> reporter: thousands, all the -ydown the block here at çthe park. i want ÷úto bring in v:another faithful giant's fan çhere. s çleanne. %er @&c%e ÷úfrom r quite a ride. >> about zvfour hours. we came in ÷úlast night. >> reporter: then i ÷úasked you what this guy's htname was when >> çthis çis çbuster. >> reporter: named after anyoneç
8:38 am
? >> ÷únumber 28. >> q%reporter: how is his v:sw >> zv he is workiígdon it. he isso we are working çon it. we brought the bat ÷úso the batc can be signed. . >> reporter: t?ae=uare a ÷ú dedicated giant. you named o]r!son @vter buster foe ç bust po section wnc4jdti other koname. buster. >> reporter: who are you most ÷ú excited to çsee? >> ç buster çposey, we ç÷úlo brandon crawford, belt. we will love çto see çsergio. we just want as many zvautograp 'hthat's the situation ÷úhere. once they open up the gates ym e of pthose players will be ç signing autographs, chatting it jrt to the manager [as well. world series tr)t$y from last year 2v'p'd. you can take photographs ças well çwith that.
8:39 am
it's free. donations but it's free to çgeç in. for zvnow live. alex u!savage. >> looks like a myblast there. changes are çplanned for ÷ú oakland's first friday event ç following ÷úa u!deadly@oshootinç last week. volunteers are trying to make ç the event htmore safe. they hope çto increase coordination çwith police u!an private çsecurity, gun çbattl last çweek left an 18 -year-olç dead and çthree ymwounded. >> a game with toy gun ççs  prompting a çnote ÷ú÷úto paren you çare looking at youtube ÷ú video oéhe çnerf çgun ymassasç competition. the school district has zvisn't- mails to çparents expressing s concerns stating that v:game is not çsanctioned by the çschoo >> ç they are getting in ymcar
8:40 am
and speeding through çtraffic ach other. that's -- zvthat's ÷újust dange >> officials say çsome are dressing zvin ç÷úymblack ninjam clothes ÷úand zvpainting their back. ÷ú >> ç a zvnice day ymin store. , a çu!thrill chilly ÷úone but winds are ÷úlight. temperatures are creeping it zv into the ÷úafternoon today. slightly warmer ymthan yesterda what a beautiful ÷úshot there. the winds have been çlight in and koaround ymsanta rosa, napa just enough t/kqñbring a chill you are going0çto step myoutsid san josa calm winds but right here zvwe have a little bv of a zvbreeze, that's helping ÷ keep temperatures wouéddhave above freezing but you çhave tm wind chill factor, çthough it
8:41 am
reached 37 çdegrees probably feels more thin ym32, the trees swaying ça bit çoutside. a çchilly start. its been down all ÷úmorning lon normally in the çlow to mid-30ç for you. 34 ÷úconcord, 45sfo, mid40s, hal moon bay if you are just ç joining us the çking tid es continue for panother day and pacific satellite view, betweenv the two systems, this is htthe one that brought ÷úus rain. i wish çwe got more but we ç didn't. we are drying out with çthe northwest flow. the ridge çof high pressure wiç start nudging çour way. modest warm up u!in time for thç weekend and really beyond. if 2-uare going out to the ym park for the big ymfan fest day it's ça cool one in çthe 40s by ten çor so çhitting near 5 and çthen for the afternoon zvt
8:42 am
mid50sçç. 57 in çhaywood. how about the çnorth bay? 60 degrees ççfor you. napa59, down in çto the south bay ç58 san jose, 59 ymfor zvm hill. mostly sunny, çseasonal u sun. u it should feel good in u!the afternoon. bring ymalong the jacket, ÷úsoo the sunsets zvin the 5:00 çhou morning another chilly p start getting outside and çthe temperatures htrising to slightç above today. the warming trend will ÷ú continue, monday, tuesday into wednesda1 sand as the highs climb htthe lows will start to pull çout of zvthe coldest uppç 20s, low 30s pto çmore çlike extended forecast plooks ÷údry. mid60's in the forecast çon ÷út
8:43 am
valentine's day. >> ÷úall right. beautigel. think. drivers should expect delays on the ÷úbridge in the coming weekç as crews work to install ça ne3 automated toll taking zvsystem. the far çleft lanes, the ç westbound approach will be close çwhile work ç÷úymis dona additional closures are zv scheduled for later this month. átomorrow is the start çof the chinese ÷únew year. the ymcity will bring in xdthe of the snake with a ymclean up today. that event ÷úhas turned yminto ú tradition, çvoluntepñand merchants çwill repaint the @&c the mayor will join çin that. a big part of ymnew year's celebrations is çthe food. this htis the busiest time of t year for businesss in san á#ti n town. roast pig and whoe)chicken are ew year's dishes. >> it7sdalways a big ymdeal  chine, s experience for the çn year. that's a time when xdwe try toç
8:44 am
get the çwhole entire ÷úfamily >> ymfollowing tonight çthe family also ç÷úhave a vegetariç meal. homes and businesses will ñúals be decorated çin red ÷úand gol san çfrancisco's new year parade is ÷úscheduled for two weeks zvtoday and you can watch it b!qhere on çchannel two, coverage wilçstart at 6:00 p.m. on zvfebruary 23rd. part uthe :eu(qráion tonight too is cleaning çeverything ou before the new çyear starts. >> fresh çstart. >> get busy. >> ç i zvwill. >> pounding ÷úyour fist there. connectikuu company is taking ] the presidents's átdshooting photograph to a new levól- the new item they have releasedú and why the president is not q the first they zvhave taken aim at. >> first, let's=uqm%for a live zein f the bay myvai%ñtoll plaza. a ymsmooth ride if you are goin (!way. sun is ymout. no major problems to report for youúñ!but we ymwill of course w
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
< a great view, pa great weekend, bring your ÷újacket.
8:48 am
it's a chilly çone out ÷úthere >> zv strong çafter shocks hur the relief htafter shocks çin solomon islands, ça 6.2 rattmu ñwith damage caused ÷úby zvit. the ÷ú÷úafter shocks prevented htstill pthinking pof the ym tragic ways the tsunami come. >> ç nine people were killed  the quake, ymthousands have beeú left homeless. new, a ç7.0 quake rattled ÷ú columbia ymand ecuador sending people in tmthe streets. it pwas seven miles the çtown p&-=ñand was zvçfelt in bogota falling roof tiles. no mytsunami warning. >> caltrain is çback on schedule after ÷úa pedestrian w ,-)%qq'ed about ç7:30 last ¿to
8:49 am
night. train service was shut down çfv almost two hours and ces bridges had to ççççbe used. . event çorganizers are working çto ensure a pçg#safe gras. çym organizers have a new çgame pl that zvincludes more ymovers am the ÷úlarge crowds. >> there may be more çi think people d8awareness is ÷úçmuchú bar and restaurant managers parv banding together. they say anyone kicked çout of one bar will be barred çfrom a the others and çrestaurants. >> the governor çis prosege posing changing state ç regulation ÷úzvfor fire retardas in zvççbaby ÷úçproducts. current regulations çsaid thatç
8:50 am
foam can't ignite çafter being any ymuse retardants to pass the ÷úçç ÷útest. çç a brentwood fire çstation scheduled to ÷úreopen in may wiú 11 new ÷úhires. station 54 is one of çthree th closed zvafter voters çreject proposed ÷úç pahcfl tax. a grant ishelping the çfire u! station and another nbone reope the fire %qçdirect new cell phone çapp. it tells user who are çtrained in cpr u!when someone nearby d8 suffering ça çcardiac emergen officials are ymhoping people cç help stabilize patients until ç first responders çarrive. the app will also tell çyou ç faraway emergency res(ses.
8:51 am
>> çpolice announced their offer of çthe year. it zvçis çofficer çjoseph ç he is f
8:52 am
the interior ÷úrejected a reque for zvan extension. %oiç the hacking of the çbush famil the hacker ymaccessed e-mails contar numbers and photographs of çth bush family. some pof çthe ÷úpicturesself po%sáuáh(ainted by george ÷úw bush. they also contain information 1% about the health of the ÷úforme president who at one çpoint wasn't ÷úexpected to çsurvive. six e-mail zvaccounts were hack one george w bush's sister çand other family members zvand friends. a connecticut toy çcompany hopes to cash in çon a photograph of ÷úthe çpresidentç skeet shooting. they have released an çaction figure of the ympresident holdi a hunting rifle ÷úand wearing u clay çpigeon t-shirt. they make figures i]of joe bided and sarah palin. >> the çrestaurant pchain
8:53 am
chipotle ÷úmaking some changes y its menu. how it's catering to people ñr with a vegan di. >> it's ,0a chilly start z6(u minor warm um in store çfor th weekend!çafternoon. what you can expect coming up.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
you are taking a çlive look atm hartford çconnecticut. check out the snow plow trying v parking lot. lot of work ahead v:of that driver. all roads have u!been shut down to cars d8with the çexception emergency vehicles, the state mc and other parts of the east coast ÷úhave been hammered v: several feet çof snow. congress is being zvasked t legalize marijuanç#cross the ÷ú united states. democratic congressman from ]i colorado and i]oregon have introduced two bill ñithis is week that would l=g%iñand tax marijuana çat the çfedera level. a republican from ÷úcalifornia may zvymjoin them. another marijuana bill çsometi soon. colorado zvand washington statev recently became the first mytwo states çto legalize ÷úmarijuan ay restaurant is back open down ñifor a ñrnoravirus outbre
8:57 am
the steahouse was allowed to re°last night after the v: q class. at ÷úleast two customers jfrepo getting sing. >> part of the reason why w3we have closing is really for çth to be able to kotake the time  clean. park deli to nbclose last month officials çsay the virus is jfc contagious and ymcauses çsever vomiting. today is the oksecond day o sf beer week. it kicked off last night at thep concourse çv:çexhibition cent japan to çtaste beers çsouth ç brewing companies. >> there is i new option for at several restaurants, the restaurant chain said it's adding a ñineu vegan burrito. it'll be ymmade from çtofu fro
8:58 am
oy beanery.$&c rbay years restaurants starting on çó tuesday. >> getting close ymto the p9:0 hour. let's go to rosemary. b(r @&c% >> i bet people are itching toñ get outside. it's çójust a ççua(qpuáiful d going to be nice if you çare ç bike riding. it'll need s- the jacket, in addition xdto the shades, for t ditch the xdjacket but it'll t(ç cool one. if you are ÷úgoing to zvtahoe mostly sunnyúrskies, for the ñi afternoon mid-30s in ÷úthe forecast. ov-r!ight chilly, cold, ym freezing. with temperatures dropping back in to çthe single digits, that could be -- aware of if ñiyou a headed that çdirection. if you are ÷ústaying home mostl sunny qskies, temperatures in the çómid50s çóby lunchtime. mid50s to near ç60, a kofew
8:59 am
degrees warmer than t(yesterday we will start the day cold çóon again. now 30s in the forecast ças we start the day v:on sunday. afternoon ñihighs upper 50s to d near 60 and xdthe warming trend start going ñiinto valentine's day. >> ñi final preparations underw for the gr!hyawards, that +e will be honoring the biggest zv names in music will çbe broadcast u!çxdkotomorrow nigh frank ocean and zvothers all wi six nominations, kelle[ clarkson çhad çfour nod,. >> ç we will celebrate from th minute ÷úwe hit the stage and there çis a lot çof great ymç nominees. >> more than ñi15 are xdexpectç to preform zvlive. >> zvthe search does ÷úcontinu for the e officer s7accused of killing three çópeople. the new details we are leirvr'g this morning and çwhat
9:00 am
investigators found when they v: searched his mother's home. nd are you looking for m/'ething fun to do with the çc family for free? how you can g#win a family pack of ymtickets to the san francisç zoo to ymcelebrate the lunar ne year. ht ym
9:01 am
9:02 am
. we'll have a look at what people are waking up to after several feet of snow hit the east coast. >> worst in 10 years. >> and the storm is having an impact right here at home. more on the delays and cancellations passengers face today at bay area airports. >> giants fans, thousands of them, lined up outside of at&t park this morning, all waiting to get inside of fan fest. they want to meet some of their favorite players from the world champion giants. we'll tell you how early people got here for today's event. inchth good morning, everyone. welcome to mornings on 2, saturday, february 9th. >> it is still chilly out there, but the sun is shining, saw it shining on fans at at&t
9:03 am
park. rosemary is here to tell us how the weekend is going to shape up. >> a pretty winter weekend sums it up. we are off to a chilly start. temperatures beginning to creep now that the sun has been up for almost two hours. mostly sunny, slightly warmer for your afternoon. the king tide conditions continue, at least one more day, with minor coastal flooding a possibility and high tide rolling in this morning. i'll have details on the king tide, a look at your numbers, coming up. happening now, 650,000 people are without power in new england, after a powerful nor'easter. as much as 3 feet of snow could fall today in boston, setting a new record. in new york city, the snowfall could complicate the recovery effort for victims of hurricane sandy. at a news conference earlier this morning, new york city mayor michael bloomberg said the city escaped the brunt of the storm. >> i think it's fair to say that we were very lucky. the storm brought plenty of snow, about a foot in a lot of areas of new york city. but we certainly avoided the worst of it and our thoughts go out to the people in
9:04 am
connecticut and rhode island, massachusetts. >> at least four deaths have been blamed on the storm. the storm also forced a nuclear power plant in massachusetts to shut down after losing power. officials say the emergency shut down the nuclear -- pilgrim nuclear power plant in plymouth, but does not pose a threat to public safety. backup generators are powering the plant and all the equipment while the reactor is shut down. thousands of flights have been canceled nationwide due to the storm, leaving many passengers stranded. jfk and laguardia airports in new york reopened earlier this morning, along with newark international. but numerous flights are still being canceled. we were at sfo early this morning when at least 25 flights had already been canceled. united and american airlines are seeing the biggest problems. >> it's a train wreck. back on the east coast, it's an absolute train wreck, maybe the worst in 10 years. >> passengers headed to the east coast from san jose and oakland are also being advised to check the status of their flights before heading off to
9:05 am
the airport. happening right now, a giant crowd gathering outside at&t ball park. baseball fans are lining up to see the world series champions. ktvu's alex savidge is front of the big line for today's giants fest. looks like the crowd is getting bigger, as well as louder! >> reporter: it's getting bigger by the minute. just a huge turnout here at at&t park this morning. i guess this is what happens when the giants win two world series in the past three years. this is what you get. thousands of fans! [ cheers & applause ] >> you're right, mike, they are getting louder! >> reporter: they are excited. just one more hour before they go in for fan fest. obviously they are here to hang out with all their favorite giants players. they will be able to meet and get autographs with players. fans also will be able to chat it up with manager bruce bochy as well. they started lining up here early this morning. let me show you what the scene looked like. dedicated giants fans were
9:06 am
camped out overnight, braving frigid conditions, to be among the first to get in the gates this morning for fan fest. and of course giants fans, they came here from all across northern california for fan fest. i talked with one man a short time ago who came in from lodi. he told me he wouldn't miss this for anything. like many people here, he's predicting another good season. >> i think it's going to be another world series run. let's hope! got the best team around. we got torres back, so pence. >> you think another title, huh? >> i think so. >> reporter: of course the other highlight of fan fest is going to be the fact they will have last year's world series trophy on display here. so all these great fans out here can snap a photo with that trophy, which i'm sure you'll want to do, right? you want to get a picture with the trophy, don't you? >> i've already got it with both of them! i'm a true fan here! >> reporter: you beat everyone to the punch! >> it was? sacramento, yeah. >> reporter: the gates open in
9:07 am
one hour and the long wait will be over for all these fans. you guys are dedicated folks, very patient, of course, too. gates open at 10:00. it's a free event. live this morning at san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2news. pitchers and catchers on wednesday. new this morning, pleasant hill police say a suspect has surrendered after holding at least one employee at a fast food restaurant hostage during an armed robbery. it happened around 5:30 this morning at the jack in the box on contra costa boulevard. police say the suspect held the employee at knife point and surrendered after about an hour. no one was hurt. in overnight news, oakland police expect a woman to survive, despite getting shot in the chest. it happened around 10:40 last night. officers were called to a home on powell and fremont streets near the emeryville border. neighbors had complained about a loud argument and when officers arrived, they found the woman suffering from a gunshot wound. she was alert when she was taken to the hospital and is listed in stable condition, with nonlife threatening injuries. police arrested one man at the
9:08 am
scene. police have not released the names of the suspect or the victim. a 13-year-old girl was remembered last night in the park where she was found dead. this on the same day police arrested her alleged killer. >> this place where violence occurred, we are reclaiming as a place of life! >> pastors led prayers at allan witt park for jeanette conway allen. her body was found last friday. the community called for justice, as janelle's extended family continues to grieve. >> i would like to say it's relief, but it's too much. it's not. we're glad he's off the street. he should have never touched her to begin with. >> janelle's great aunt told us she did not know janelle had recently been placed in foster care. the girl disappeared last thursday in between school and her foster home. the solano county sheriff's department says the man arrested in the case is 32-year- old anthony lamar jones.
9:09 am
jones is facing four felony counts of murder, rape, kidnapping with the attempt to commit rape, and lewd a lascivious acts with a minor. the fbi and fairfield police spent yesterday hauling evidence from a house believed to belong to jones. police say they have evidence tying jones to janelle's death, but won't give out specifics. jones was arrested yesterday morning in fairfield near where a surveillance camera captured a picture of janelle on the day she was reported missing. >> jones was identified as a suspect early on in this case. since that time, he has been under 24-hour surveillance. >> the fbi also collected evidence from the suspect's business, crowns barber shop in fairfield. jones' first court appearance is set for wednesday. there is a possibility the 32-year-old jones may have been involved in the murder of another 13-year-old girl. ktvu asked fairfield police if jones could be connected to jessica funk haslam's death in sacramento county last year. her body was found in the
9:10 am
dugout of a baseball field next to her school. fairfield police say they have talked to sacramento investigators and cannot rule out a possible connection. we have new information on the search for accused killer christopher dorner. law enforcement personnel resumed their search for the former los angeles police officer two hours ago at big bear lake. 24 additional officers have been brought in to support the s.w.a.t. team, going door to door to 200 mountain cabins. authorities are focusing on the eight-mile square area. snow has made that search tough over the last few days. but the weather is clear today and crews say that will make it easier to track down dorner, if he is still there. investigators are also looking into dorner's life for more evidence. yesterday, they searched his mother's house in the city of la palma, in northern orange county. it was the second time agents checked out that house. forensic technicians took away 10 paper bags of items, but investigators are refusing to say what they confiscated. and we also have new video of dorner this morning showing
9:11 am
the former los angeles police officer practicing at the gun range and learning how to subdue an armed individual. irvine police also released new photos of him taken by a surveillance camera at an orange county hotel january 28th. police say he was in irvine three days later, when he allegedly shot and killed a young people. soaking up the sun over san francisco at this hour. isn't this just a beautiful shot? widespread mid-40s to near 50. if you're going out to at&t park, low to mid-50s in the forecast for your afternoon. tracking the swells at this hour, anywhere from 11 to 14 feet. high tide rolling in this morning. the sun and the moon, aligning and bringing us that gravity pull that creates those king tides. one more day of king tides. that means this morning, when high tide rolls in, already rolling in at this hour, and some areas like half moon bay, those tides are going to be several feet higher than usual. so be careful out there. minor flooding definitely a
9:12 am
possibility. we have seen that in recent months when the king tides have rolled in. 45 degrees right now in napa. 39 still in novato. widespread 40s around the bay. 45, san francisco. a little breeze over the north bay this morning has helped out temperatures by stirring some of that cold air and keeping temperatures up just ever so slightly. but if you do have the breeze outside, it's going to feel really chilly. it's a brisk start to the morning for some neighborhoods. 37 walnut creek. 33 mount diablo. low 40s in lafayette. for your weekend, the system that brought us a little bit of rain now pushing off to the east. ridge of high pressure will slowly nudge in. for today, under that cool, dry northwesterly flow. mostly sunny skies, temperatures today slightly warmer than yesterday. and tomorrow will be slightly warmer than today. here is a look at what you can expect. 59 for santa rosa. 58 for novato. mostly sunny and 57 in san rafael. east bay, 57 oakland, hayward,
9:13 am
antioch. along the peninsula for today, mid-50s, san francisco. 57 for redwood city. 58 for san jose. 56 in santa cruz. so it's that type of day where it feels pretty good in the sun. you get in the shade, going to feel chilly. always a great idea to carry at least an extra layer of clothing with you just in case. getting into the evening hours, we'll be cold once again. starting tomorrow morning, freezing once again, especially for low-lying areas. afternoon highs, bouncing back into the upper 50s to near 60. this minor warming trend lasting into monday, tuesday, wednesday, into thursday even. we do remain dry. temperatures into the low to mid-60s by wednesday and thursday. and overnight lows will follow suit, bumping up just a tad into the mid-30s by tuesday and wednesday. back to the desk. >> thanks, rosemary. well, a ban on plastic bags could be having an impact on your health. we will have more on the new study just released and why researchers found the bag could actually be doing more harm
9:14 am
than good. >> plus, a warning if you're headed to the beach today. where the water is expected to get the highest in the area and the problems that could cause. >> and how about another live look outside. for this one, we take you back to the east coast. that is hartford, connecticut where roadways are closed to the massive snowstorm which has dropped several feet of snow in the area. more on how this could impact your travel plans to the east coast. [ mom ] don't stre we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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9:16 am
9:17 am
. welcome back on this saturday, a sunny, cool day in the forecast for your afternoon. well, there is a warning for beachgoers today about a unusually high tides. it is the last day of the king tides, which could bring tides up to 10 feet along the coast. the last time king tides hit was in december. there was minor flooding in marin county and along the embarcadero in san francisco. high tides are expected in santa clara county and near the dunbarton bridge. a bail hearing set for next wednesday for a san jose man accused of planning a terrorist attack. federal agents arrested a man yesterday morning outside a bank of america on hagen burger road in oakland. they say the man tried to blow up the bank branch by triggering a bomb with a cell phone. but it was an undercover fbi
9:18 am
agent posing as a taliban sympathizer who helped him build an explosive that did not work. >> passed by the house and i saw a lot of police and cars, lot of things going on. i kind of suspect something's going on. >> you turn on the radio, had no idea he lived right around the corner from you? >> no, i didn't know. that's kind of scary. >> the man was arrested in 2011 for having an ak-47 with high powered ammunition clip. court documents show the laid- off window washer went by a muslim name and you was treated for psychosis and bipolar disorder at one time. if convicted on the charge of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction, he could be sentenced to life in prison. san jose police say alcohol may have been a factor in the death of a young woman who fell from a high-rise. police were called to the city heights complex on west st. james street shortly before 3:00 yesterday morning. police say 24-year-old tamara jennifer top of san jose fell from an 11th floor balcony.
9:19 am
officers also say there were no signs of foul play, but that she may have been intoxicated. top did not live in that building. boeing is warning airlines it may not be able to deliver new orders of the 787 dreamliner on time. boeing has not stopped production on the plane, but says delays are possible. all 787 dreamliners have been grounded since mid-january as investigators dry to determine why the plane's lithium battery has been catching fire. and a flight between san jose and tokyo canceled while the investigation continues. an airport probe reveals tsa agents may be stealing your personal belongings. a ktvu channel 2news investigation found at least 130 sfo and oakland international passengers filed formal claims with the tsa, saying valuables were damaged or lost in recent months. a federal database ktvu obtained exclusively shows one passenger reported losing $13,000 in watches at the oakland international airport. another said $8300 in clothes
9:20 am
disappeared at san francisco international airport, and that list goes on. >> we've run into some other real problems at check points where people are actually lifting things like ipads, computers from bags. >> passengers reported a total of $300,000 in property lost or damaged at sfo and oakland international. the tsa has only reimbursed about $4000. new this morning, two dangerous stretches of road in san francisco may become double fine zones for good. state senator leland ye has introduced legislation to make the zones permanent. the current double fine zones are temporary, set to expire this year. 15 pedestrians died on 19th or van nest between 2003 and 2007. in this morning's weekly address, president obama is urging congress to act fast to avert a so-called sequester. >> if congress doesn't act by march 1st, a series of harmful
9:21 am
automatic cuts to job-creating investment and defense spending, also known as the sequester, are scheduled to take effect. >> the president wants lawmakers to find a balanced approach to deficit reduction. he prefers sensible changes to entitlement programs and reforming the tax code. a sequester could cost jobs in areas in national security and education, funding for head start, medical research and small businesses, also cut. we are learning more about president obama's state of the union address set for next tuesday night. central themes include job creation, immigration reform, trimming the nation's $16 trillion debt, as well as gun violence. survivors of the connecticut school shooting will attend that speech. democratic house leader nancy pelosi has invited a fourth grader from another school in newtown to the event. that student wrote to pelosi, asking congress pass new gun control laws to prevent other families from suffering the way folks are in newtown. first lady michelle obama is meeting privately with the
9:22 am
family of a 15-year-old honor student right now, before attending the girl's funeral. police say hadia pendleton was gunned down last month in a park, just about a mile away from the obama's chicago home. investigators say she was not the intended target. just a week before her death, pendleton performed with her band at obama's inauguration, an event she called a highlight of her life. no arrests have been made in the case. back here in california, hundreds of gun advocates demonstrated at the state capitol for their second amendment rights. >> we're sick and tired of the assembly and congress telling us what we can and can't do! >> protesters gathered on the steps of the capitol building. many are parents who say they are ensuring the right to bear arms. the state legislature is considering measures that would give california the toughest gun control laws in the country. proposals include background checks for buying ammunition clips and banning clips that hold more than 10 bullets. your reusable bags may be
9:23 am
making you sick, according to a study by the university of pennsylvania and george mason university. researchers say san francisco's plastic bag ban led to a spike in e. coli inspections and a 46% increase in deaths from food borne illnesses right after the ban began. they blame reusable bags because those tend to get more food contamination because many people do not wash them. well, homeowners in san francisco will see their insurance rates drop if they are covered by state farm. that insurance company says its rates will drop to 8.5% and that is expected to save homeowners about $100 a year. the rate decrease will be effective for policy renewals starting april 15th. state farm says the rate decrease is due to new technology that better assesses risks to homes. new details about the earthquake stadium in san jose. when the team plans to break ground on its new home and when it's expected to be completed. >> enjoyable weather in store for your weekend. outside our doors right now, a bit of a chilly start.
9:24 am
i'll have what you can expect right now and what you can expect for the afternoon, coming up.
9:25 am
you in heaven. wrapped in luxury. you in action. you in motion. you in luck. play in style. talking stick resort, scottsdale. book now to enjoy cactus league spring training rates.
9:26 am
welcome back. you are taking a live look at fenway park in boston. you can see it's covered with snow on the upper levels of that stadium. several feet of snow dropped overnight. the airports are still closed, forcing cancellations here at home. we'll have a live report from boston, coming up at 9:30. well, the department of transportation has ordered a southern california company to close, following a deadly tour bus accident. the order comes after eight people were killed sunday, when the brakes failed on a tour bus in the san bernardino mountains. officials say the company that operated the bus has a history of safety violations. many passengers on the bus were tourists from mexico. the team is selling commemorative bricks to be
9:27 am
installed throughout the new santa clara stadium. fans can use messages or put their names on the bricks. they will cost you between $175 and $375. the bricks are expected to go on sale march 1st. the san jose earthquakes will begin building their stadium later this month. the owner says the first day of construction is set for february 26th. the new earthquakes stadium near san jose airport will seat 18,000 fans. the $60 million project is scheduled to be finished next spring. lot of activity going on there in the south bay. >> absolutely. 9:25. let's check in with rosemary orozco for a check of the weather. sunrise was gorgeous this morning! >> you're right. plenty of sunshine pouring in the windows this morning. feels good inside the homes. temperatures are warming as well. blue skies overhead, sky's the limit, depending on what you want to do today. maybe you're going to see the sharks play, maybe do some
9:28 am
skydiving. good weather conditions. for today, outside our doors right now, still a bit chilly. temperatures have been climbing ever so subtlely, but we're still in the 30s for some of our coldest spots. upper 30s, 40s around the bay. mostly sunny, mid-50s for your lunch hour. then for the afternoon, 55 at san francisco. 57 in oakland. 58 for san jose. inland, east bay, mid to upper 50s. livermore, concord, north bay today, 60 degrees for napa. your extended forecast here showing you temperatures will continue to climb t will be a minor warmup, but with each passing day we'll see temperatures nudge. by tuesday into wednesday, valentine's day on thursday, mid-60s in the forecast. mostly sunny skies. overnight lows will remain on the chilly side, but not as bad, getting into the mid-30s by midweek wednesday. back to you. the search continues for the ex-l.a.p.d. officer accused of killing three people. new details we are learning this morning and what investigators found when they searched his mother's home. >> seems like the bulk of the storm is kind of over.
9:29 am
so shouldn't have anything to worry about. >> plus, stranded and ready to fly. how long the storm will impact people stranded at bay area airports. >2ñlñ@ e@
9:30 am
9:31 am
. i think it's fair to say we were very lucky. the storm brought plenty of snow. waking up to several feet of snow. we'll tell you about the
9:32 am
powerful storm overnight that hit the east coast and how it is still having an impact right here in the bay area. good morning. welcome to mornings on 2, saturday, february 9th. i'm claudine wong. >> i'm mike mibach. that massive storm is bringing big problems to the east coast this morning. the storm has left more than 650,000 people without power. a bundled up tory dunham joins us from boston with more on what is happening right now. >> reporter: mike, bundled up, of course, because temperatures right now are in the teens. last time i looked, it was 16 degrees. with the windchill factor, much cooler than that. one thing that's going on right now, of course the snow is still falling, of course lighter than it was if you talked to us earlier. but you have a lot of plows out and about. this whole area here, this is a walkway in the park. that's been plowed. they are also doing some shoveling. but this is what people are dealing with as they try to dig out. we know it's at least 21
9:33 am
inches, probably closer to 2 feet at this point, because that was the number given to us earlier this morning from boston's logan airport. the big question is going to be just how much snow actually fell, because this is -- there's a lot of wonder in the city about whether or not this might be one for the record books. the record was 2003, 27.5 inches. so as people try to dig out, they try to get power back, we'll wait and see what the final number was. mike? >> tory, right now, 12:30 on the east coast. are you noticing people coming out of their homes right now, or is it pretty quiet out there on the streets where you are in boston? >> reporter: let me actually take you over here so you can take a look at that. hopefully you'll be able to see. but some people out and about with their dogs playing in this park here. more and more people sort of as the day goes on, but not the amount you would see on a regular saturday out here. we're in a very popular area off of state street, lots of restaurants. maybe people getting the a little bit of cabin fever, although they are still being
9:34 am
told stay off the roadways until at least 4:00 eastern this afternoon. >> tory, you mentioned about an hour ago the possibility of flooding if the temperatures start to warm mountain coming week. and that could happen probably by midweek. what else are you hearing about this potential flooding out there? >> sure. that's definitely going to be a huge concern. some of the coastal regions south of boston, they issued mandatory evacuations because even today, they were afraid of some flooding that might happen. so that's going to be a concern, as well as getting the biggest thing, getting power back on for these people. more than 650,000 people in the region, 400,000 people here in the state of massachusetts without it. and they can't really do that until the storm stops all the way. it's too dangerous for those workers to try to get the power back on. >> tory dunham, thank you for that update. to give you an idea of how bad conditions are on the east coast, take a look at this video. this is a connecticut firefighter responding to a 911
9:35 am
call, someone having difficulty breathing. he had to hike through three feet of snow just to reach the house with many roads impassable. appears the fastest way for some first responders is to go by foot. thousands of flights have been canceled nationwide due to the storm leaving passengers stranded. jfk and laguardia airports in new york reopened early this morning, along with new work international airport. but numerous flights remain canceled. we were at sfo early this morning when at least 25 flights had already been canceled. united and american airlines are seeing the biggest problems. >> i'm really hoping that there's no more snow for now and that the flights can go through so everything can get back on track. >> passengers headed to the east coast from san jose and oakland also being advised to check status of flights before going to the airport. new this morning, interstate 5 is reopen at the grapevine in southern california after being shut down for several hours. highway patrol closed the mountain pass north of los angeles yesterday afternoon, due to the heavy snow in the
9:36 am
area. traffic was also snarled by this 25-car pile-up in a nearby town. grapevine is a major artery for travel between northern and southern california. the weather has cleared up this morning in big bear, aiding law enforcement in their search for accused killer christopher dorner. 24 extra officers have been brought in to assist s.w.a.t. teams, going door to door at cabins in big bear. so far, they have not found any sign of the former los angeles police officer who is suspected of killing three people, including a riverside county officer. meanwhile, there are new pictures of dorner firing a gun at a practice range and photos as well from a hotel surveillance camera last month. bay area law enforcement say what happened in southern california will have a lingering effect on the police fraternity nationwide. dorner's girlfriend describes him as paranoid and emotionally disturbed. bay area police say they have a hard time understanding why a former officer would turn on his brothers in blue. >> this is something unfortunately that's unique.
9:37 am
law enforcement's going to have to take a step back and look to figure out why it's happened. that's something i don't have the answers for. >> in his online manifesto, dorner accused los angeles police commanders of racism and kicking him out of the department because he wanted to change the culture of the force. strong aftershocks hampering the relief effort in the solomon islands following a magnitude 8 earthquake and tsunami, magnitude 6.6 aftershock rattled villages already coping with damage caused by wednesday's quake and tsunami. aftershocks buckled roads, preventing relief efforts. >> still thinking of the tragic ways in everything. >> nine people were killed in that earthquake. thousands have been left homeless. new this morning, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake rattled colombia and ecuador, sending people running into the streets. that quake was centered 7 miles from the town of paso and was felt in the colombian capital
9:38 am
of bogata. three people were hurt by falling roof tiles. no tsunami warning was issued. happening now, a 15-year- old chicago girl who was killed a week after performing at president obama's inauguration, is being laid to rest right now. you can see they are, choir singing at the church right now. these are live pictures of hadia pendleton's funeral. first lady michelle obama is one of the many people in attendance there. police say pendleton was gunned down about a mile away from the obama's chicago home. investigators say she was not the intended target. just a week before her death, pendleton performed with her band at president obama's called a highlight of her life. no arrests have been made in the case. pendleton's death brought national attention to the chicago gun violence problem. well, caltrain is back on schedule this morning, after a pedestrian was hit and killed in palo alto. that happened about 7:30 last
9:39 am
night near east meadow drive. train service was shut down for almost two hours and bus bridges were put in place. this is the first fatality on caltrain tracks this year. and new details this morning about a home invasion, where a business man was killed. court documents show the man suffocated after the suspects used packaging tape to cover his mouth. three of the suspects were part of an oakland street gang known for targeting asian and east indian victims. police believe kumar was set up by a prostitute with connections to the oakland gang. the sonoma county sheriff's office says it is stopping its search for a missing man, but family members say they are going to keep looking for him. jason kyles of sacramento was last seen in the state park last saturday. he is 6' 6, mid-30s. family members say he suffers from depression. after looking for kyles for six days, sheriff deputies suspended their search yesterday. a hiker spotted kyles in the park last saturday. changes are planned for
9:40 am
oakland's first friday events following a deadly shooting last week. volunteers who organize the art walk and street party in the uptown district are trying to make the event more safe. they hope to increase coordination with police and private security. a gun battle on first friday last week left an 18-year-old dead and three others wounded. a game with toy guns is prompting an east bay school district to send a note out to parents. ♪ >> you're looking at youtube video of the nurve gun assasins competition from a san ramon high school valley student. the san ramon unified school district sent a note to parents stating concerns, saying the game is not sanctioned by the school. >> they are getting in their cars and speeding through traffic and chasing each other and those kinds of things. and that's just dangerous behavior. >> officials say some students are dressing in black ninja- type clothes and painting their guns black. the district says it wants parents to tell their kids not to play the game. some students say the adults are
9:41 am
overreacting. a good-looking day. take a look at that. boy, an enjoyable forecast expected for your weekend. we'll be dry, mostly sunny, a little on the cool side. it is february! we are looking at conditions to last as we get into the work week. i want to take a look at the east coast, because we are talking about conditions improving. this is a 12-hour loop. you can see how widespread and big the storm s then now beginning to fizzle and weaken as it does, zooming in just a little bit closer and giving you a still shot here. long island, down here. improving weather, where we are seeing now major coastal flooding in massachusetts. continues there, and as you saw the report a little bit earlier, those emergency crews already getting outdoors and trying to help out those folks. more than half million people without power. coming back home, we've got great weather in store. we could use the rain. we're not going to get it. the system that brought us a little rain, now off to the
9:42 am
east here. we're in between. we've got a ridge of high pressure that will be building in and then we are going to look at the possibility of northwest flow and actually we are under northwest flow for the weekend, and the possibility of breezy conditions at times. right now, generally calm out there. temperatures in the 40s around the bay. 47 in oakland. 45 san francisco. our inland areas, starting out right around freezing, even slightly below, now beginning to turn around as well. 42 in concord. 44 for hayward. 46 in redwood city. 50 degrees half moon bay. in store for your afternoon, mostly sunny skies. temperatures slightly warmer than what we felt yesterday. the king tides, again, continuing. if you are joining us this morning, high tide rolling in this morning and the king tides are with us for one more day. minor coastal flooding is a possibility. 57 degrees for san rafael this afternoon. 56 in berkeley. mid-50s san francisco. if you're going to at&t park, mostly sunny skies, low to mid- 50s for most of the day. 57 in hayward.
9:43 am
down into the santa clara valley for the afternoon, 58 san jose, 59 morgan hill, 56, mostly sunny skies in santa cruz. if you're going to pebble beach for the pro-am, mid-40s right now. mid-50s under mostly sunny skies for the afternoon. your extended forecast, a minor warmup starting tomorrow. we'll wake up just as cold, but getting into the afternoon, temperatures reaching to near 60 degrees. low 60s in the forecast monday, tuesday, wednesday. mid-60s expected for valentine's day. back to the desk. drivers should expect delays on the richmond san rafael bridge in the coming days as crews work to install an automated toll-taking system. cal trans says the westbound lane will be closed while work is done on the toll system. the lane closure is set to continue through monday morning at 5:00 a.m. additional closures are scheduled for later this month. well, tomorrow marks the start of the chinese new year. the city of san francisco will ring in the year of the snake, with a cleanup today in chinatown.
9:44 am
the event has turned into quite the tradition. volunteers and merchants will spruce up chinatown by planting trees, removing litter and repainting curbs. san francisco mayor ed lee will join in the cleanup. big part of the new year's celebration is food. this is the busiest time of the year for businesses in both san francisco and oakland chinatowns. roast pig and whole chicken are just some of the savory traditional new year's eve dishes. >> it's always a big deal for chinese. and especially for chinese new year, because that's a time when we try to get together the whole entire family. >> following tonight's feast, many chinese families will have a vegetarian meal on new year's day. homes and businesses will also be decorated in red and gold, the colors symbolizes prosperity and health. san francisco's chinese new year parade is scheduled for two weeks from today. as always, you cawatch it right here on ktvu channel 2. coverage starts at 6:00 p.m.,
9:45 am
february 23rd. >> and that is always a fun event. always nice to see all the people that line the streets of san francisco, rain or shine. looking for a unique way to celebrate the lunar new year? coming up, how you can win a family four pack of tickets to a special event at the san francisco zoo. >> reporter: and excitement is building here outside of at&t park! [ crowd cheering ] >> reporter: they are going crazy, as you can see! we'll tell you which giants players the fans are excited to meet today. >> if you couldn't hear them, that's the fan fest. that's what it's all about, fans going crazy as they welcome the baseball giants. you are looking live at hartford, connecticut, where most of the roadways are closed to vehicles, except the plows and first responders. i can see a couple cars going along that roadway. this is all due to the massive snowstorm. several flights to the east coast are also canceled from the bay area today. if you are heading out to the airport, make sure to call that
9:46 am
airline to see if that flight is on time or canceled. time now, 9:43. you're watching mornings on 2.
9:47 am
in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
9:48 am
. giving you a beautiful view there at the emeryville/berkeley area. happening now, the gates are about to open at at&t park. giants fans have waited for this day to come ever since the final out of last october's world series sweep. ktvu's alex savidge joins us live now at the 20th annual giants fan fest, and that is a rocking crowd, alex! >> reporter: we got a wild crowd out here. giants fans, we're in the middle of a sea of giants fans,
9:49 am
as far as the i can see. [ crowd cheering ] >> reporter: orange and blackouts of at&t park this morning. the anticipation building for fan fest. right outside the gates, these folks have been here all morning long, waiting to get inside for fan fest. obviously, they want to meet and get autographs from some of their favorite players. tim lincecum, sergio romo, buster posey, and you know what i want to show you is the scene from a couple of minutes here when the team bus actually pulled inside of at&t park, with players on board. we did spot buster posey on there and the crowd went wild. lot of folks ran up to the bus and started cheering. obviously, the anticipation building out here. gates open in 15 minutes from now. giants fancy talked with say they wouldn't miss this for anything. >> you follow the team throughout the year, essentially them giving you back, giving back to you guys, to the fans. good way to celebrate. >> how do you feel about this
9:50 am
upcoming season? one more in them? >> we have plenty more. [ no audio ] >> reporter: fans started lining up early this morning. i want to show you the video. there were people who actually camped out overnight. they brought out tents and chairs, sitting outside of at&t park on a very, very cold night. these are true, dedicated giants fans. they want to be one of the first into the gates here for fan fest this morning. bringing you back out here live, you can see a huge crowd here outside the o' doole gate. these folks will be getting inside 12 minutes from now. gets going at 10:00 this morning. it's a free event, if you want to join the crowd here. it's a fun bunch. come on down to at&t park! live in san francisco this morning, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2news. >> there we go, look at -- that
9:51 am
looks a little like a line. alex's crowd looks like a mass gathering. well, when giants fans make it inside, they will notice a big change to one of the team's biggest stars. pitcher tim lincecum, do you recognize him? he's sport ing a new look. very clean cut look for him. despite a fabulous world series run, lincecum did endure a subpar season. the new do is part of a makeover, heading into spring training with a new mindset. milpitas police officer has announced its officer of the year. officer joseph halen is an instructor for firearms and tasers. the police chief says the officer comes in early and devotes off-hours to helping other officers. he's also said to be a wiz at figuring out what happened in
9:52 am
complex traffic collisions. supporters and critics of the vallejo police department are set to face-off today in front of the police department. one group is calling for a rally supporting police at noon at the same time another group plans to protest what it calls police brutality and corruption. the department has been criticized for the police shooting of mario romero and several other deadly officer- involved shootings last year. a connecticut toy company is hoping to cash in on a recently released photo of president obama skeet shooting at camp david. hero released an action figure of the president holding a hunting rifle and wearing a clay pigeon t-shirt. president obama isn't the only politician with a toy in his likeness. the company makes action figures of joe bind and sarah palin. the secret service joined the investigation into the hacking of bush family e-mails. a hacker known as lose fer accessed e-mails that contained addresses, phone numbers, and photos of the bush family. some of the pictures are self
9:53 am
portraits painted by former president george w. bush. the e-mails also contained information about the health of former president george hw bush, who at one point wasn't expected to survive a bout with pneumonia. six e-mail accounts were hacked, including one belonging to george w. bush's sister and other bush family members and friends. the owner of drake's bay oyster company hopes a judge will give him more time to stay afloat. the marin county business was ordered to shut down by february 28. the oyster farm's lease expired last year. the secretary of the interior rejected request for a 10-year extension. a popular east bay restaurant is now back open, after being shut down for norovirus outbreak. health officials say fleming steakhouse in walnut creek was allowed to reopen last night after the restaurant was thoroughly cleaned and employees took a food safety class. at least two customers reported getting sick. >> part of the reason to close is for them to take the time to
9:54 am
clean the environment. >> the norovirus also forced northpark deli in concord to close last month. officials say the virus is highly contagious and causes severe vomiting and diarrhea. well, today marks the second day of sf beer week. the celebration kicked off last night at the concourse exhibition center in san francisco. today, there will also be a south bay beer walk. beer lovers are invited to go to japantown in san jose this afternoon to taste beers from south bay brewing companies. close to 80 brewers are taking part in beer week through february 17th. well, time for our ticket saturday. today, you're going to have a chance to win a family four pack of tickets to the san francisco zoo to celebrate the lunar new year. the zoo is holding a special event to commemorate the year of the snake. children born during the year of the snake will receive a free zoo admission on that day, and for your chance to win, just go to before midnight and put in the secret word, which is auspicious. big storm continues to
9:55 am
impact the east coast. we'll have the latest on how many people continue to be affected and how it's having an impact right here at home. >> we're off to a colder start this morning, but for the afternoon, slightly warmer. i'll have a look at your numbers, coming up. [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
9:56 am
i just had to write. you can't imagine how long i've been searching for something like this for my family. i'm amazed you make so many great flavors that are gluten free. my guys are crazy for chocolate chex and honey nut chex. for me, it's cinnamon. it means a lot to be able to give them something that's good for them,
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that also puts smiles on their faces. 'cause i really love those smiles. we're the harris family. and we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. . 9:55 on the clock. recapping top stories this morning, the search for an ex- los angeles police officer suspected of hunting down other officers and their families resumed at 7:00 this morning in big bear lake. crews have been battling snowy conditions for the past few days there, but the skies are clearing out. now, armored personnel carriers are transporting searchers through the rugged terrain. a powerful nor'easter has dumped more than two feet in new england, knocking out power to 650,000 customers. this connecticut firefighter had to hike through waist-deep snow to respond to a call. four deaths are being blamed on the storm. the storm also canceled thousands of flights
9:58 am
nationwide. airports in new york city reopened early this morning, but numerous flights are still canceled or delayed. we were at sfo early this morning, where at least 25 flights were canceled due to the storm. victims of the powerful storm in the northeast are staying informed with the help of apps. the national weather service sent out this emergency alert about the blizzard yesterday, but some tech experts say only phones with the appropriate hardware and software received them. there are, though, numerous other applications that offer weather-related alerts and information. >> you can go to, weatherbug, any app at the app store, google marketplace, get it online, on your mobile device. there are so many different places to get alerts. you don't have to rely on the government alerts on your phone. the city of new york has several weather-related apps, including plow nyc. let's check in with rosemary, because it's quite the opposite scene here in the bay area compared to the east coast. >> hard to complain about this.
9:59 am
we could use some rain. that's my only gripe. outside of that, 40s and 50s into the next hour or so. noon time numbers, mostly sunny, low to mid-50s in the forecast. then for the afternoon, 55 at san francisco, going to fan fest. mostly sunny skies. 58 for you, 58 in fremont. mid to upper 50s, livermore, concord, going to walnut creek for shopping today. upper 50s in the forecast for the afternoon. how about the north bay? maybe wine tasting. how often can you plan a wine tasting day in february? right, dry conditions, upper 50s, near 60 in napa. mostly sunny. tomorrow morning, starting out just as cold, but the ridge of high pressure will slowly dominate the pattern and eventually we will be mostly sunny with temperatures warming into the mid-60s. in fact, right now, looks like valentine's day could be about 65 degrees and mostly sunny skies. >> valentine's day is coming up? >> make those plans! >> surrounded by the best. i love you,
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